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Any home modifications? We’ve got it nailed! Our experienced team of carpentry work experts is trained to deal with all kinds of cleaning of your sofa, chair, doors, window, from all the dirt, grime, and dust. We can tackle chairs/sofas whether it is fine nylon weave, leatherette, or leather, as this determines the product that should be used in removing the dirt that has accumulated. Book expert and cost-effective carpentry service for Sofa, chair, and other household furniture Cleaning Service in Pune. 

Best Carpentry cleaning and shining, polishing services in Pune, Maharashtra for spotless and stain-proof sofas by the experts. We provide you the quality Fabric sofa cleaning, Leather Sofa cleaning, Cushion, and Upholstery cleaning services at your doorstep.

Service Overview

ASL services offer a systematic approach to cleaning each home and office furniture. Each of our cleaners is trained on all products and equipment. We provide the best cleaning and polishing service in Pune, Maharashtra.

Removal of stains and spots
Shampooing and Extraction using vacuuming
UV Machine for sanitization to extract dust mites.
Any hard/major stains may not immediately be removed.
Oil Mark, Blood Marks Etc.
Drying the furniture and upholstery with vacuumed cleaner

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