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ASL is the trusted and recommended name in the cleaning and facility management service for the education sector. Our service is specially designed according to the age of the student. Every age need special customized cleaning, sanitization service and we are proudly serving number of school in Pune Division

Age wise custom cleaning services
Safe and eco friendly sanitization
facility management of timely cleaning
Special service for kindergarten child

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    Cleaning of surfaces(Walls, Floors, Ceiling), Scrubbing of Floor, Removal of Cobwebs, Cleaning of Glass windows, slides, grills.

    Furniture cleaning

    Dusting of cushions, ceilings, telephones, desks, chairs and tables, General Dusting of computers, keyboards, mouse, etc. Carpet vacuuming.

    Reception Area Deep Cleaning

    Dusting of furniture, Dusting and cleaning of partition glasses and light fixtures, Removal of dirt and dust, Polishing of hardwood surfaces

    Services we provide

    Toilet Cleaning

    Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing, Vent and blind Dusting, Wash Closet and Wash Basin Cleaning, Stainless and spotless Mirrors

    Sanitization and Pest Control

    EPA Grade general sanitization, Floor Sterilization- Use of cleaning and disinfecting Chemicals & sophisticated Machinery to remove deep layers of dirt

    Water tank and Plumbing

    Bulk storage tank cleaning Non-hazardous products removal Shut down/turnaround services etc.
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