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About ASL

Top Healthcare facility management services

ASL is best Healthcare facility management service provider in Pune, Maharashtra. An expert and professional team that can create healthy and disinfected surrounding in the Hospital, Public health care facility, Lab, diagnostic center etc.

A NEW Generation OF HYGIENE & PRECAUTION’ is ready to fight and serve mankind against all the odds in the COVID-19 pandemic environment. We are the Leader of a highly skilled cleaning service provider, working to fulfill the need of every need.

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We use the modern generation equipment to make environment healthy and bacteria free

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Disinfectant Service

We use EPA grade, WHO approved chemicals for sanitation which are non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and highly recommended by the medical fraternity.

Deep Cleaning

We Provide the all kind of strain removal deep cleaning services whether it is blood or medicine liquid.

Toilet and Bathroom

Floor and Tile Scrubbing, Windows & Exhaust Fan, Showers and Taps, Cobweb removal, Water closet and wash basin

Services we provide

Antimicrobial Surface Coating.

Developed with the latest nanotechnology, our expert technicians will meticulously sanitize your space with efficient coating of chemicals.

UVC Sanitization

Ultra-Violet Technology is a high radiating disinfectant that is reliable, environmental-friendly, and comes with a 99.9% kill rate on harmful viruses & bacteria.

Cloth, Carpet, Mattress cleaning

Dust extraction using HEPA filter vacuum. Shampoo using 90% foam and 10% moisture. Moisture extraction using injection-extraction machines
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About Healthcare Sector

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During this coronavirus outbreak, we are constantly hearing these words, sanitization, disinfectant. But what exactly do they cover? Here, we have deliver the all the services with actually worth for the healthcare sector

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